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Can't find a song? Get it here.

>> Jan 27, 2009

I'm very much pleased to announce a service that is offered by me in this blog (totally free!)

If you have any favourite song which you couldn't find on teh internet, then post it here. I'll try to fetch it for you. Be it any song you have been yearning for years!

I have a huge collection of songs and moreover I've got a mammoth source for songs(for any language). I hope, I could get teh song you have been looking for. I'll mail you the link to your favourite song within 4 days.

Things to Remember:

  • Post your request in teh comment or mail me:, with "SONG REQUEST" as teh mail subject.
  • And teh request must contain at least two[2] of teh following details:
Song title | Album name | Author
  • And, lastly don't forget to provide your email id to mail you teh song link.( I assure no Spam will be sent)
This is just a service to fellow music lovers from another music freak [Yeah that's me]!! =]
You could think what you can do in return --"NOTHING!" Just spread the word and help your friends/kins, get their favourite songs. Direct them to this site:

Let's start the music.


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