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Transparent Screens!

>> Jan 28, 2009

Ever wondered how it will be like, to have a transparent screen in laptops?!
Won't that be great to see through the
LCD screens of laptops? Have a look a this:

Of course, you can take snap of your laptop and add any image in it using any of the photo-editing software like, Adobe Photoshop, or Gimp. But these images are not "photoshopped", yes, you read it correctly. These images are NOT manipulated using any software! They are they are hot images(word pun intended) direct from the camera. Can you believe taht!? Yes, sometimes our senses fail to convince us.

Here are some more samples to baffle ya :

Again , these are NOT photo-shopped.

Here is the detailed description of the trick involved:

  1. Take a picture of the background without the laptop.
  2. Then, load that picture into the laptop and crop[cut] it according to the effect and set that as wallpaper.
  3. Then, place the laptop so that the laptop wallpaper aligns smoothly with the original background.(now, it will look like the laptop screen is transparent)
  4. Using professional photography skills, take a snap of the laptop with the background.

The last two steps are the most important ones and demand great skill & patience.

As i said, no need for photoshopping skills here, only photography skills and creativity to inspire people.

Here are some which is a step ahead of others(blatantly, with some photoshopping):

Relish more of this kind here. and also here.

All the images posted here are NOT mine. All belongs to the original authors in Flickr.


Can't find a song? Get it here.

>> Jan 27, 2009

I'm very much pleased to announce a service that is offered by me in this blog (totally free!)

If you have any favourite song which you couldn't find on teh internet, then post it here. I'll try to fetch it for you. Be it any song you have been yearning for years!

I have a huge collection of songs and moreover I've got a mammoth source for songs(for any language). I hope, I could get teh song you have been looking for. I'll mail you the link to your favourite song within 4 days.

Things to Remember:

  • Post your request in teh comment or mail me:, with "SONG REQUEST" as teh mail subject.
  • And teh request must contain at least two[2] of teh following details:
Song title | Album name | Author
  • And, lastly don't forget to provide your email id to mail you teh song link.( I assure no Spam will be sent)
This is just a service to fellow music lovers from another music freak [Yeah that's me]!! =]
You could think what you can do in return --"NOTHING!" Just spread the word and help your friends/kins, get their favourite songs. Direct them to this site:

Let's start the music.



>> Jan 24, 2009

Hello people,
I'm back from the hibernation i imposed on myself due to afore mentioned reason[link].
I'm back -- as strong as ever..and as bright as ever.

So, all music freaks out there...check out my next post for a new service offered @ TehNewz.

To avoid confusion, I've published that as a new post.


A week of hibernation

>> Jan 15, 2009

Hello fellow bloggers,
Comment allez vous? Hope you are all doing well. :)

I'm giving a test next week and I'm seriously preparing for the test. So, I'm worried to say that I'll be off the posting section of the blog for a week.
Please bear with my hibernation for a week. Will post some other interesting newz once I'm done with the academic part of life.

Meet you peeps on the flipside.
Cheers. =]


Wallpaper of the Week II

>> Jan 12, 2009

This week's wallpaper is an abstract digital art image with spectrum of colors. This was designed by abduzeedo himself for one of his contests. He designed this with a new software known a Poser7 and recommends that for those who are interested in creating human like effects in 3D graphics.

Click the image to get the full resoultion(1024x640)

Original post here.


Smart Calvin

>> Jan 10, 2009

Here is another strip to make you smile.


Test targets the sports person

>> Jan 8, 2009

Scientist have found a new way to identify the new type of drug used by sports person.Test made in Germany can able to spot the benzothiazepines, a potential drug used my sports person which boost a human muscle.

"Drugs provide Huge potential that help Athletes to attain the target"

In Beijing Olympics, there is only a few hundreds of athletes are passed the drug test even many anti- dopping materials are not traced by the test. Many experts believe that many athletes may use Benzothiazepines but there is no evidence that benzothiazepines have been used

But Now due to the New invention we can able to trace out the cheating person clearly.The drugs work by making muscle cells more efficient and less likely to suffer fatigue by keeping more calcium in them.


Hardcore Rock Albums of 2008

>> Jan 6, 2009

Hardcore Rock!

2008 has been a rocking year all the way through. Many well-known rock bands released albums. Many bands are preferred for the death metal and hardcore rock. On that note, over 10 albums have been out in the last year and savoured the fans.

First to get off was the A Sense of Purpose from the band In Flames, their ninth album. They released early and the genre was quite a mix of melodic death metal, alternative metal, metal core and even classic metal. They have tried to experiment with many genre and entertained the fans.

The other albums in the queue are

Indestructible from Disturbed

Nostradamus from Judas Priest

The American Dream from Walls of Jericho

The period between September and November saw six bands releasing their albums.

Metallica released the much awaited "Death Magnetic", their ninth album on the list. Following the not-up-to-the-mark album "St. Anger", this one released on September 09, three days ahead of the scheduled release date. The album has critically acclaimed tracks such as The Day that Never Comes and Unforgiven III.

Next came the Black Ice from the illustrious AC/DC which released their 16th album on October 17. Black Ice is the longest album for them, and the only abum since 2000.

All tracks are rocking and has everything to be proud of. The origin of the album dates back to the days when Young brothers, guitarists of the band, played their compositions in their native country(Scotland). According to me, its one of the best albums from them and topping the charts in 2008.

My favourite ones from the album are

  • ·Rock n' Roll Train,
  • ·Skies on Fire,
  • ·Anything Goes,
  • ·Stormy May Day,
  • ·She Likes Rock N' Roll,
  • ·Money Made and
  • ·Black Ice.

The album topped the charts in more than 29 countries and is the best album since Back In Black.

Other albums include

Black Roses from The Rasmus,

Perpetual Flame by the Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force,

The Norwegian band Satyricon released their seventh album The Age of Nero,

then Nickelback released Dark Horse.

Dark Horse
topped the charts in the US Billboard Top Rock Albums.

Rocking 2008

  • · A Sense of Purpose - In Flames
  • · Indestructible - Disturbed
  • · Nostradamus - Judas Priest
  • · The American Dream - Walls of Jericho
  • · Death Magnetic - Metallica
  • · Black Roses - The Rasmus
  • · Perpetual Flame - Rising Force
  • · Black Ice - AC/DC
  • · The Age of Nero - Satyricon
  • · The Dark Horse - Nickelback

We will have to wait for and see which albums continue to stay on top and conquer the audience.

Personally being a rock fan and not that much of a death metal fan, my favourite one is Black Ice and I recommend it to others as well.

But thats my personal opinion, there may be many heavy metal fans out there and their opinion may differ.

Yeehaaa..Rock n' Roll Train, baiby!! =]

Meet u soon with another informative post. Untill then, you guys rock on and stay cool.

Adios Amigos.


Act now!

One of my favourite quote is today's Quote of the day.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Yes, it is true to the core. It can be broken down simply as:
Don't live on the past. If you have committed a mistake and if you are regretting too much for that, then, your life is gone out of your hands. You aren't taking interest in your future.

All we must do is learn from the mistakes committed and try to not to repeat it. Just proceed the journey of life with your goal at sight.
Keep in mind: We must be looking forward for progress and not backwards.


Introducing the All New TehNewz!

Ola fellow bloggers!!

Let me take the honour in presenting the all new refreshing TehNewz to you. =]
TehNewz has underwent a skin change and is now with a 3-column blogger template.

Features :

  • New sleek template.
  • New gadgets.
  • Wider post area for better readability.
  • My favourite black colour!
  • but the same Ol' informative posts. No changes in that! (:

I would like to know your valuable comments on teh new template. Any criticism is appreciated. [All I want is... to hear from you people]
So do comment and give me your views. Any suggestions are also welcome.

For those people who are wondering from where I got this awesome template, visit here.


Some Pictures for inspiration

>> Jan 5, 2009

These are the pictures that I see when I'm downhearted. The content in it is poignant and has close relationship with what I encounter in life. I thought of sharing these with you people which might help you.

About Success:



Life is all about Juggling:

Click the images to view them in full resolution.


Wallpaper of the week

>> Jan 4, 2009

Hi, this is the designer-in-me writing the post!! Yes, am a graphic designer and gifted with designing attractive logos and visually appealing banners/headers for websites.
To keep me updated with the latest trends, I usually follow many top artists in the industry.
One of them is Abduzeedo.
For me, he is one of the 'gurus' of photoshop and other designer softwares. He inspired me first by his magnificent creations. I spotted a new concept in his design blog. The wallpaper of the week[WOTW]. WOTW is a concept for which he will be choosing best designs every week from the web and publish in his design blog.

I thought of sharing all those beautiful designs with you every week. Sparing you with the strenuous task of browsing all his pages fof all the wallpapers, I'll be posting only the gist of the blog.

This week's wallpaper :

Click on the image to view it in full resolution.

Notes by Abduzeedo on this wallpaper:
"The first wallpaper couldn't be better, it's an astonishing design created by the excellent designer Guilherme Marconi. It's called CMYK Lovers."
Original post here.

Keep watching this space for the Best of the Design World every week!



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