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Stonehenge - Found to be a place of healing!!

>> Sep 29, 2008

Stonehenge, the prehistoric monument located in the English county of Wiltshire is in the newz recently. Archeologists Geoff and Tim exacavated the site and concluded that it drew ailing pilgrims from across Europe for their treatement.

They exacavated many human skelatal remains from the site and researched on that. The bones are either damaged or shown signs of injuries.

The ailing people considered this to be with healing powers andit cured their injuries!!
The archeologists beleive that the stonehenge was considered similar to Lourdes, France-a shrine venerated for its supposed ability to cure the sick.

Many skulls and other bones were recovered from the site. Careful study of the teeth patterns of the skulls showed about more than half of them are from outside the stonehenge area. They also recovered two skulls that showed evidence of primitive surgery. 

Based on these evidences, what else can we conclude on the pre-historical site. It sure must have some healing properties. So, people the next time you visit the stonehenge, remember this and get yourself healed of your backaches and neck-stiffness.

The following is the site map of the stonehenge and it looks like a hospital or any other cinic. 

Note the diameter is 108' and this reminds me of the potential in this number as it has connection with every Indian religious proceedings.
Hmmm...*skeptical*. ;-|


wish zeros have value!

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