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Calvin and Hobbes

>> Dec 17, 2008

How many of you are aware of this lil' sooper-dooper intelligent boy!

The calvin!

I love this comic strip Calvin and Hobbes.

For those who are blinking like this:

Calvin and Hobbes is a famous comic strip by Bill Watterson. It was a great hit when it was published and still is a great hit till date.

Calvin is a six-year old mischievous, imaginative, mostly day-dreaming, "wise" boy! :) And Hobbes is his best friend. He sees him as live tiger, while others look at it as a stuffed animal toy.

He is the one who gives me smile every time i see him and make me ponder about the earthly views of this super-kid.

Eat this:

Click on the image to view the full comic strip.


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