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Hardcore Rock Albums of 2008

>> Jan 6, 2009

Hardcore Rock!

2008 has been a rocking year all the way through. Many well-known rock bands released albums. Many bands are preferred for the death metal and hardcore rock. On that note, over 10 albums have been out in the last year and savoured the fans.

First to get off was the A Sense of Purpose from the band In Flames, their ninth album. They released early and the genre was quite a mix of melodic death metal, alternative metal, metal core and even classic metal. They have tried to experiment with many genre and entertained the fans.

The other albums in the queue are

Indestructible from Disturbed

Nostradamus from Judas Priest

The American Dream from Walls of Jericho

The period between September and November saw six bands releasing their albums.

Metallica released the much awaited "Death Magnetic", their ninth album on the list. Following the not-up-to-the-mark album "St. Anger", this one released on September 09, three days ahead of the scheduled release date. The album has critically acclaimed tracks such as The Day that Never Comes and Unforgiven III.

Next came the Black Ice from the illustrious AC/DC which released their 16th album on October 17. Black Ice is the longest album for them, and the only abum since 2000.

All tracks are rocking and has everything to be proud of. The origin of the album dates back to the days when Young brothers, guitarists of the band, played their compositions in their native country(Scotland). According to me, its one of the best albums from them and topping the charts in 2008.

My favourite ones from the album are

  • ·Rock n' Roll Train,
  • ·Skies on Fire,
  • ·Anything Goes,
  • ·Stormy May Day,
  • ·She Likes Rock N' Roll,
  • ·Money Made and
  • ·Black Ice.

The album topped the charts in more than 29 countries and is the best album since Back In Black.

Other albums include

Black Roses from The Rasmus,

Perpetual Flame by the Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force,

The Norwegian band Satyricon released their seventh album The Age of Nero,

then Nickelback released Dark Horse.

Dark Horse
topped the charts in the US Billboard Top Rock Albums.

Rocking 2008

  • · A Sense of Purpose - In Flames
  • · Indestructible - Disturbed
  • · Nostradamus - Judas Priest
  • · The American Dream - Walls of Jericho
  • · Death Magnetic - Metallica
  • · Black Roses - The Rasmus
  • · Perpetual Flame - Rising Force
  • · Black Ice - AC/DC
  • · The Age of Nero - Satyricon
  • · The Dark Horse - Nickelback

We will have to wait for and see which albums continue to stay on top and conquer the audience.

Personally being a rock fan and not that much of a death metal fan, my favourite one is Black Ice and I recommend it to others as well.

But thats my personal opinion, there may be many heavy metal fans out there and their opinion may differ.

Yeehaaa..Rock n' Roll Train, baiby!! =]

Meet u soon with another informative post. Untill then, you guys rock on and stay cool.

Adios Amigos.


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