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College Days

>> Feb 7, 2009

The following poem is sent by my dearest friend to me. This poem reminds me of my college days, the most cherished part any student's life. I'm sharing this with you people.

The day starts with loads of energy and ends with loads of fun
That’s college life!

When I sit on my couch and doze off
I think of those class bunk, breaking rules,
When will I return to those days?
College days are really precious.
Studying a day before the exam,
Shedding unwanted tears for results,
Writing infinite class tests,
Eating during the class hours,
Fighting with friends,
Playing pranks on others,
Creating nicknames for faculties,
Oh god! why did I come out of those days?
You might have won good friends
You might have been betrayed
Thank god for showing you the true people.
If I get a time machine, I would return to those days,
And I enjoy those precious moments as much as I can.
Hope it comes!

Hope you enjoyed it. While reading the poem, if your college days and time spent with your friends comes to your mind: then this poem has achieved its purpose! :)


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