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>> Mar 3, 2009

Hello peeps, i would like to share my friend's real life story in this post.

Its about my friend Xia. She is single ;) and she was very much obsessed being single. So she decided to find a date to be with. She was desperately searching for some good looking guy to date with, since last month. But she couldn't find him in her local area, as none of them interest her, besides the fact that all the men in her locality are known faces!
Eventually, she stumbled upon this website. Its an online dating website. Initially she was bit skeptical about the reliablility of the website as most of the online dating websites are either bogus/phishing sites. But her intuition wanted her to try this particular website, Her intuition was right!!! It's one of a site that paves way for finding your dating partner!

It offers hell lotta features for its users.

  • Without registering you could search for your match from their mammoth database.
  • After registering, you could chat(real time) with the online registered users.
  • You get a free messenger[for private conversations].
  • You can upload multimedia messages like voice and video messages.

Can you believe it!? Instantaneously, She registered in the site and upon searching, she found a nice romantic guy with sculpted body who hails from the nearby city! Both are dating for a week now! I envy her becuz of her new found date. :)
Gonna check the website and find a date for me too!! Yippee!! :P


Online Dating Services March 27, 2009 at 2:38 PM  

Yes, singleness is indeed taking a new dimension. There are varieties of ways to find the right one,take your time and enjoy. Don't rush things. Everything has its definite time.

wish zeros have value!

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