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Indian flag on the moon

>> Nov 16, 2008

No one in the world even USA,RUSSIA... not achieved in first attempt.India is a only country achieved it.

After 61 years of Independence India reached a mile stone.

Indian should remember Nov 14th 2008and have to as a great day.

India's first unmanned lunar spacecraft, Chandrayaan 1, has sent a probe on to the surface of the Moon.

The probe, painted with the Indian flag, crashed into the Moon's surface at 2034 (1504 GMT)

During its controlled plunge, it took readings including measurements of the composition of the Moon's atmosphere.

The mission is regarded as a major step for India as it seeks to keep pace with other space-faring nations in Asia.

The dropping of the Moon Impact Probe (MIP), weighing about 30kg, concludes the first phase of the mission.

During its descent from Chandrayaan 1, an onboard video camera transmitted lunar pictures to the ISRO command centre

Just like US,Russia,China we India planned to send human in 2020


wish zeros have value!

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