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World AIDS Day

>> Dec 1, 2008

Today is the WAD-2008.
Yeah, World AIDS Day is observed on the 1st December of every year. This is to educate people about the deadliest pandemic disease the world is confronting now.
All must be made aware of the spreading habits of the disease. This is also the right time to clear the myths about the disease and its spreading habits.

AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. But why it is called AIDS? Cuz, once someone acquires the disease, it first attacks the Immune System and destroys all the T-cells, which are responsible for the proper functioning of the Immune system, and makes us deficient in the WBCs. It is called Syndrome, because once AIDS nullifies the immune system, the body is prone to other diseases like Tubeculosis, Pneumonia and other deadly disease.The AIDS itself not a disease, but it paves the way for other disease to enter and attack the human body.

More info about AIDS can be gathered here.

The theme for this year's WAD is Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise - Lead - Empower - Deliver.

We as a responsible citizen must be aware thoroughly of the disease and its spreading methods. We must learn to handle the persons affected by this.

So, spread the word not the disease...! Keep The Promise.

P.S: The Virtual red ribbon in my blog can be got here.


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