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Baby Panda Zhen Zhen

>> Dec 31, 2008

Baby Zhen Zhen, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Pandas are found predominantly in China, provided the same ecosystem they can thrive on any soil. They are one of the beautiful and delicate mammals found on earth unlike the "KungFu panda". But now they are on the verge of extinction.*sniff*
Worried about this factor, scientists have started monitoring the birth of baby pandas very closely. In the San Diego Zoo, scientists have successfully assisted the birth of a baby Panda(Zhen Zhen). Usually the litters are killed by the mothers, accidentally. But this time, they made sure that the baby panda is safe and grows properly.
The Panda was in the News since its mother was conceived. And here is a snapshot of the Baby panda.
How cute she is, isn't she!


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