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Wallpaper of the week

>> Jan 4, 2009

Hi, this is the designer-in-me writing the post!! Yes, am a graphic designer and gifted with designing attractive logos and visually appealing banners/headers for websites.
To keep me updated with the latest trends, I usually follow many top artists in the industry.
One of them is Abduzeedo.
For me, he is one of the 'gurus' of photoshop and other designer softwares. He inspired me first by his magnificent creations. I spotted a new concept in his design blog. The wallpaper of the week[WOTW]. WOTW is a concept for which he will be choosing best designs every week from the web and publish in his design blog.

I thought of sharing all those beautiful designs with you every week. Sparing you with the strenuous task of browsing all his pages fof all the wallpapers, I'll be posting only the gist of the blog.

This week's wallpaper :

Click on the image to view it in full resolution.

Notes by Abduzeedo on this wallpaper:
"The first wallpaper couldn't be better, it's an astonishing design created by the excellent designer Guilherme Marconi. It's called CMYK Lovers."
Original post here.

Keep watching this space for the Best of the Design World every week!



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